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There’s a strange green glow is coming from the old house up on the hill. And when Pablo and Jane decide to investigate, they'll make the most unexpected discovery… Zapped into the Monster Dimension, will they be able to fix the Hot Air Contraption and come back home?

Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption is a terrific mix of comic and search-and-find book packed with colourful monsters, action and funny easter eggs.

Published in UK, USA and Spain

A japanese businessman heads home after a regular day at the office. He doesn´t know it yet, but a long succession of strange and incredible events is about to happen to him. Yakuza shootouts, giant sushi rolls, a cannibal family, hulk monsters, mutant brains, a flying dog and a satanic postal service cult. To begin with.

Full of irreverent humour and brilliant detail that will keep you staring at the pages for hours. Adventures of a Japanese Businessman is an unmissable comic book experience.

* Eisner Awards Nomination *

* Best National Comic *
Barcelona International Comic Festival

Published in UK, USA, Spain and France

Cha is the new class representative at school, and she doesn't even what it means!  Why does anybody needs to be represented? Politics is thing for old, boring people !

Luckily, here’s the Ghost of Politics to explain this whole “democracy” thing.

Published in  Spain


Graphic Novel

Freemasons? Illuminati? Annunaki? Mind-control drugs in the toothpaste?  A black hand controlling our lives in the shadows? Are we mankind the cattle of the reptilians?

Professor Domenikus has all the answers.

Published in Spain

Cuimhne knows about medicine, religion, laws and war. Despite of her youth, she has travelled all over the world and now lives in a small village where the last thing she expects to happen is to have to wield her sword again.

Published in Spain

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