The graphic novel that unveils The Truth

It’s very sad how I got involved in making this comic.

One day when I was (ahem) getting my groceries I found some mysterious notes inside a trash container. They looked like the ramblings of a demented mind: Secret Societies, Illuminati, Reptilians, New World Order... Weird stuff. But the worse came later when Professor Domenikus, the author of the notes,  started to stalk and harass me.

This conspiranoic freak wanted me to put his raving theories into a comic! I tried to resist, but at the end I had to give in. You don’t want to know what nasty coercive methods this guy can deploy.

Illuminati? Annunaki? A black hand controlling our lives in the shadows? We the people being puppets under the control of macrobians from another dimension? People getting rich while the rest of the world starves in the middle of a crisis created on purpose?

Come on! Who could believe that?

"Wassup, you SHEEP? Did you know that you’re part of the cattle? Because you’re just another sheep, you sheep!"

—Professor Domenikus


Graphic novel
Hardcover | 64 pages | colour
Published in Spain by Astiberri.

Available from:
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