The Distant Fire

A fantasy story with a celtic ambientation

Cuimhne knows about medicine, religion, laws and war. Despite of her youth, she has travelled all over the world and now lives in a small village where the last thing she expects to happen is to have to wield her sword again. The murder of a neighbor raises suspicions in a community where other evils already nest.

And when the true nature of the threat is discovered, it might be too late. Ten years later, everything has changed. Everything but her.

Cuimhne: The Distant Fire is a fantasy story with a celtic and north european ambientation and a clear influence from samurai movies, Koike & Kojima´s Lone Wolf and Cub, Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke and Jeff Smith´s Bone.

Written by Kike Benlloch • Art by José Domingo

Cuimhne: The Distant Fire

Graphic novel, 2008
Paperback | 124 pages
Published in Spain by Dolmen Editorial.

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